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GA Highway 316 is otherwise known as the "Highway to Hell" to Georgia Tech fans 0

Week 13: Enemy Territory Rivalry Tailgate Edition

The last week of the regular season is rivalry week for most college football teams. Many games featured the in-state rivals, like the Iron Bowl with Auburn-Alabama, the Egg Bowl with Ole Miss-Mississippi State,...


Week 1 Recap: Tailgating in Dublin, Ireland

This is a little late, but you can blame it on the jetlag. Week 1 of the 2016 college football season is officially in the books. Georgia Tech and Boston College fans made the...

Share a Coke with a Tailgater 0

A Guide for the New RV Tailgater

Are you a long-time fan that decided 2016 was the season to jump into RV tailgating? While I have been tailgating with the RV tailgaters since I was a freshman, I jumped into the...