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Find out the must have RV safety gear that you need to stay safe! 0

Must Have RV Safety Gear

When I started RV Tailgate Life, there was really only one rule: Don’t f* up the tailgate. And the biggest way to f* it up is to disregard RV safety rules. Here is the...


Celebrate National Data Privacy Day with a Checkup

So we are going to venture a little off-topic today with a matter of important concern to all of us in the online world: data privacy. Today is National Data Privacy Day, and it...

Share a Coke with a Tailgater 0

A Guide for the New RV Tailgater

Are you a long-time fan that decided 2016 was the season to jump into RV tailgating? While I have been tailgating with the RV tailgaters since I was a freshman, I jumped into the...