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The RVTailgateLife tailgate games includes a giant outdoor version of Jenga 0

Week 3 Recap: Winner, Winner, Low Country Boil Dinner

For the first time all year, it seemed like things were starting to really click for the Georgia Tech football team on the field. They didn’t wait until the last minute to take control...


The RV Tailgater’s Garage

I have a two-car garage but there’s only room for one car. The other side is filled with all my RV and tailgating gear. An RV Tailgater’s garage is different than both the regular...


GenTuri RV Generator Exhaust System

As a new RV owner, one of the first things that you should buy before football and tailgating season in the Genturi RV Generator Exhaust Venting System Remember, the only rule of RV Tailgate...