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The Falcon outside Atlanta's Mercedes Benz Stadium - Atlanta Falcons 0

Atlanta’s New Mercedes Benz Stadium

This weekend was the first weekend of the 2017 college football season and what a great time it was. In Atlanta, fans saw the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of the 2017 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff...

Metalsome Live Band Karaoke 0

Rock out at Metalsome Live Band Karaoke

Welcome to Atlanta, where you too can live out your rock star fantasies at Metalsome live band karaoke. Don’t worry though, this is not your parents’ karaoke. In fact, it is likely you won’t...

Guns N Roses at the Georgia Dome, Atlanta, July 27, 2016 0

Guns N Roses at the Georgia Dome

Last night, the RVTailgateLife.com crew took our own advice to surviving the last 30 days until football season. We all went to Guns N Roses at the Georgia Dome. Due to the mid-week timing,...