RV Bloggers: People Are Stealing Your Pins!

Attention fellow RV Bloggers: people are stealing your pins on Pinterest and redirecting them to their own (spam) site!

I’ve found quite a few of my own pins being redirected to basically spam websites. Of course, I am reporting them to Pinterest for removal. But I can only report my own and not yours under the DMCA take-down rules. You’ll want to identify your own pins so you can add your own take down notice.

I love Pinterest! But I hate the thieves. And I definitely don’t want my pins redirecting to their spam website!

How I Find Stolen Pins

Mostly, I find these stolen pins by accident. I stumble across profiles and start looking at boards. I see my own pin and scroll over the pin. If it doesn’t show my website, then something is wrong. And yes, usually these pins have all my own pin descriptions in them. They have only changed the URL! I then notice that every single or at least a vast majority of pins on the page directs to the same website. Yeah, that’s a problem.

In other words, I spend probably way too much time on Pinterest. *shrugs*

How to Report the Pins

Reporting stolen pins to Pinterest is not difficult. Click on the pin and near the top you should see three little dots. Click on this and select “Report Pin.” Next, select the option “This is my intellectual property.” You’ll need to confirm that you want to file a copyright complaint. This will open up a new tab/window for your report.

On the next page, you’ll fill out your contact information as well as the website page where the original work is located. I like to go directly to the original blog post (not just the website in general). You will also have to provide links to the specific pins in question. I’ll go through a profile and find all the pins that are the same image. In a larger profile, there are usually duplicates.

DO NOT SELECT “REMOVE ALL.” This will remove all the images, including legitimate links to your site. You only want to remove the ones specifically identified (unless you just don’t want to be on Pinterest at all).

DO SELECT “STRIKE.” When a profile has enough strikes against it, Pinterest will take action and may ultimately remove the profile. This is the best case scenario, so we all don’t have to go through the profiles. So let’s help out our fellow RV bloggers and select strike.

Continue filling out the report with the required information by checking that you are the copyright owner and that it is not a legitimate use. Then you’ll have to electronically sign the report and submit it.

List of Profiles Stealing Pins

Attention RV Bloggers: People are stealing your pins!Profiles or Boards where I see this:

I’ll add more as I find them. If you find other profiles with stolen pins, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add them to the list.

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