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RV parked for the night at Wal-Mart near I-95 in South Carolina 4

Tips for Overnight RV Parking on a Roadtrip

Roadtrips are a lot of fun, especially when you do so with friends, family, and fellow fans! Some times though, our roadtrips are longer than a one day trip, meaning we have to stop and sleep somewhere along the way. What’s the tailgater to do? Let’s take a look at the options for overnight RV parking.

GA Highway 316 is otherwise known as the "Highway to Hell" to Georgia Tech fans 0

Week 13: Enemy Territory Rivalry Tailgate Edition

The last week of the regular season is rivalry week for most college football teams. Many games featured the in-state rivals, like the Iron Bowl with Auburn-Alabama, the Egg Bowl with Ole Miss-Mississippi State,...


Week 1 Recap: Tailgating in Dublin, Ireland

This is a little late, but you can blame it on the jetlag. Week 1 of the 2016 college football season is officially in the books. Georgia Tech and Boston College fans made the...

Metalsome Live Band Karaoke 0

Rock out at Metalsome Live Band Karaoke

Welcome to Atlanta, where you too can live out your rock star fantasies at Metalsome live band karaoke. Don’t worry though, this is not your parents’ karaoke. In fact, it is likely you won’t...