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Guns N Roses at the Georgia Dome, Atlanta, July 27, 2016 0

Guns N Roses at the Georgia Dome

Last night, the crew took our own advice to surviving the last 30 days until football season. We all went to Guns N Roses at the Georgia Dome. Due to the mid-week timing,...


Tailgating Rules for the RV Tailgate Life

We are going to keep things simple here. Some people may give you a long list of tailgating rules, but we’ve got only one. No really, only one tailgating rule. Here it is, are...

Starter RV and basic tailgating setup 0

Welcome to the RV Tailgate Life

Are you new to the RV Tailgate Life? First, let us say “Welcome and Thank You for visiting us.” Second, let us introduce you to the – we are here for the RVer...